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Our Shoe Horns are made in the USA

We offer three different size shoe horns (19”, 25”, 31”). All three of our shoehorns consists of a ¾” round polished solid classic wood spindle attached by means of a sturdy brass flexible spring to a high quality plastic tortoise-shell shoe horn.  We top it off with a hanger cap for convenient storage. These long shoe horns are extremely durable and long-lasting.

We also offer a 7 1/4” and a 22 1/2” shoe horn made out of durable lightweight plastic.  They are specifically engineered with a contour design for ease of use. Both shoe horns come with a built in hanger hole for convenient storage.

Our 31” Long Handle Shoe Horn allows you to put your shoes on without bending and the brass flexible spring provides you the flexibility that is needed to easily slip your foot into virtually any shoe from any angle.

These shoehorns are a perfect gift idea for various occasions (Holiday gift, Fathers Day gift, Corporate / Business gift, etc.). You can even gift wrap the box we ship them in.

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